Using Hotel Curtains to Coordinate Room Design Elements

When it comes to designing a hotel room, there are numerous elements to consider. From furniture to lighting and color schemes, each piece plays a critical role in creating an inviting space for guests. One of the often-overlooked design elements is the curtain. However, did you know that hotel curtains can be used to coordinate room design elements? Here’s how you can achieve a cohesive room design with the help of hotel curtains.

Choosing the Right Fabric and Color

When selecting hotel curtains, it’s essential to consider the fabric and color choices. Depending on your hotel’s look and feel, you may opt for cotton or linen fabrics in natural hues for a minimalist aesthetic. Alternatively, you may select velvet or silk textures in bold colors for a luxury feel. It’s essential to ensure that the material and hues complement the room’s overall color scheme, furniture, and d├ęcor.

For instance, if the room has neutral beige walls and wooden flooring, you may choose light-colored curtains like white or cream. These shades can add a subtle contrast without overpowering the room’s existing design elements. On the other hand, if the room has vibrant pops of color such as red or blue, you may select curtains in complementing hues like burnt orange or navy blue.

Playing with Length and Drapes

The length and style of the curtains can also impact the room’s overall design. For instance, you may opt for floor-length curtains for an elegant and classic look. These curtains work best in luxury and boutique hotels where the ambiance is upscale and sophisticated. If you’re aiming for a more playful or whimsical vibe, you may choose curtains with ruffles or pleats.

Another aspect to consider is the curtain drapes. Have you ever noticed how hotel curtains are often pulled back to reveal natural light? These drapes can be used to showcase the window shape and hotel curtains highlight the room’s architecture. You may also add decorative tassels or tie-backs to enhance the look and feel of the room.

Using Hotel Curtains to Divide Spaces

Some hotels feature open-concept room designs, creating a challenge in defining separate areas like living space or bedroom. That is where hotel curtains can play a valuable role. The curtains can be used to divide the different parts of the room subtly. For instance, you may use curtains to separate the bedroom and living room or the bathroom and dressing area. You may also use curtains to create a cozy reading nook or workspace.

Creating a Focal Point

Hotel curtains can also act as a statement piece in the room, creating a focal point. A simple way to create a statement is by selecting curtains with bold or unique patterns or prints. It’s essential to ensure that the curtains don’t take away from the room’s overall design. Instead, they should add to it. You may also play with the color block styling or add a contrasting trim.


Now that you know how to coordinate hotel curtains to room design elements, it’s essential to remember that less is always more. It’s better to opt for a minimalist approach with understated elegance rather than overwhelming the room with too many elements. Curtains play a crucial role in enhancing the overall design of the room, so choose wisely!